Bains publics

A movie by Kita BAUCHET – 2018

The Marolles, in the heart of Brussels… Almost 65 years after its inauguration, the Bains de Bruxelles still offer two swimming pools and public showers to the inhabitants of this popular district. People of different age, origin and social class find there a place of healing and appeasement. Illustration of a melting pot where people train, wash, talk, meet.
A film shot exclusively in the pool and its surroundings, where sensations, impressions, situations feed an apparently egalitarian vision but which will prove much more complex.

Technical list

Director – Screenplay: Kita BAUCHET

Original score: Siegfried CANTO

Cinematography: Marie-Françoise Plissart, Joachim Philippe, Benjamin Hautenauve, Paloma Sermon, Renaud Charlier, Kita Bauchet

Sound recording: Bruno SCHWEISGUTH & Billy MIQUEL

Assistant director: Bruno NESIN

Editing: Valène LEROY & Kita BQUCHET

Sound Editing: Corrine DUBIEN

Mix : Benoît BIRAL

Producers : Guillaume MALANDRIN

Co-Producers : Olivier & Jacques-Henri BRONCKART


Producteur délégué : Altitude 100

En coproduction avec : Versus Production

En coproduction avec : CBA

En coproduction avec : BE TV VOO

En coproduction avec : RTBF

Technical file

Shooting dates : 2 November 2017 – 20 January 2018

Lieu de tournage : Brussels – Belgium