Charlie and Hannah’s Grand Night Out

A movie by Bert SCHOLIERS – 2019

A Friday night. The lights of the city come on. Two young women, 25 and 26 years old. A wine party at a friend’s house. A sexy movie freak. A magic candy in the bathroom. A pair of breasts, who never stop talking.
A café where we hang out a lot. Two geishas and Ziziboy. A meeting with Vincent, who loves to climb up cranes. A weird brothel. A flying pineapple. A cold interlude at the North Pole. A sinister villa. A sadistic dwarf and a Satan in love. A party. A kiss in the kitchen.
A lot of alcohol. Some stolen kisses. And a happy ending. Or, in fact, not at all?
Charlie and Hannah are out telling one night in the life of two young women in their twenties, who love to chat. A romantic comedy, disjointed, that speaks of love, sex, and – especially – of ex, sprinkled with a handful of whimsical encounter and nocturnal adventures that defy all the laws of physics.


Charlie : Evelien BOSMANS

Hannah : Daphne WELLENS

Fons : Patrick VERVUEREN

Marie : Frances LEFEBVRE

Vincent : Steef DE BOT

Piemelboy : Jeroen VAN DYCK

Helena : Astrid HAERENS

Diable / Vagabond : Sam BOGAERTS

Jos : Sigrid TEN NAPEL

Technical list

Director – Screenplay: Bert SCHOLIERS

Original score: Chrisnanne WIEGEL

Cinematography: Kris DEWITTE & Johan JACOBS

Set design: Marie-Julie PROVENZANO

Sound recording: Jelle VERSTRATEN & Chrisnanne WIEGEL

Costumes: Alix STESSEL

Make-up : Sarah ROMAN

Assistant director: Tim LAMMERS

Editing: Thomas POOTERS

Sound editing: Arnout COLAERT

Mix: Emmanuel DE BOISSIEU

Producers : Marc GOYENS & Tomas LEYERS

Co-Producers : Guillaume & Stéphane MALANDRIN


Producers: Minds Meet

In coproduction with: Altitude 100

International sales: Minds Meet

Distribution Belgium: Minds Meet

Avec l’aide du Fonds Audiovisuel de Flandre,
du Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles,
du Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral Belge,
Screen Flanders en het Agentschap Ondernemen – Telenet,
Alea Jacta – Shelter Prod – – ING

Technical file

Shooting dates: March – April 2016

Shoting location: Antwerp – Belgique