Le prochain film de Philippe Van Leeuw : THE WALL

Jessica Comley is Border Patrol; she is a member of this force that the United States has set in place along its borders to protect itself from the trafficking of drugs and labor. Comley’s sector is a stretch of the border between Mexico and Arizona, a desert area that migrants cross in spite of the danger and that she is proud to defend.

Comley feels herself invested in a mission, that of defending America, but she has to face the incessant influx of migrants and the inertia of her colleagues. The heat, the lack of results, isolation—all this is detrimental to the morale. But Comley loves her job; she wants to be the best; nothing can stop her.

She does not know limits; she is ready for anything, and she mistrusts everyone, particularly the Tohono O’odham Native Americans, who she hates. She suspects them of all the trafficking, and anytime she can, with reason or not, she fights them down.

But, one day, a vertigo—a pressure too strong—leads her to commit the irrevocable. She kills an injured migrant, a man without any means of defending himself, and she kills him in front of witnesses: her partner, as well as one Native American and his grandson. From that point on, it will be her word against theirs. She knows she has dominance, and she is going to make the most of it—she will not let a Native American knock her down.